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Christmas season entertainment
new: "santa clown" walk-around program
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Clown Tom Bolton can be booked for Christmas parties and events, New Years Eve or any special occasion. His unique style of show fits to any season.

Christmas party entertainment

New: walk-around/walkact as "Santa Clown"

perfect for Christmas-markets, shopping-centers or department stores. The Santa Clown strolls around with his crazy baby-carriage (decorated in Christmas motif) which is full of funny objects which he uses to interact and amuse the public. This Santa gives the priceless gift of laughter, warming the hearts of kids and adults no matter what the weather.

Christmas event entertainment

Another option is balloon modelling instead of walk-around. Especially fitted to the season are the popular polar bear balloon or the rudolph raindeer balloon with a real red nose! This can be presented by the funny "Santa Clown" or in a more traditional Santa costume if wished.

New Years Eve entertainment

winter holiday performer
Clown Tom Bolton creates real laughter without the need of face-paint, big-shoes or special effects, short: pure fun!
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