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Tom is an experience trainer to teach people juggling, clowning or street performing skills. Either for company events or private, why not challenge your guests to actually learn something new? This helps build team spirit and a sense of accomplishment. Juggling is a stress reducing sport without much risk of injury. On the contrary, it trains eye-hand coordination and multitasking without the need to compete. Just for fun or to entertain others, juggling and clowning are pretty cool.

A typical scenario is that Tom performs his clown show, demonstrating just how one can use juggling in a entertaining way. Afterwards, let Tom guide the interested participants, step by step, to juggle with 3 balls, or to learn new tricks if they already have the basics.

Small groups of no more than 10 people are most effective. All one needs is a will to learn and to commit to 20 or 30 minutes of effort. No, one won't manage in 5 minutes and if that is your maximum attention span before you give up, then better not to even try. But with help of an experienced instructor like Tom, around 80% of people will get the hang of juggling in less than half an hour. Although kids as young as 5 have been known to learn juggling, it is more recommended from age 9 or 10 with no upper age limits.

So, this is how you do it.

It's a street show, not a brawl

Juggling is much easier when taught by an experienced trainer and juggler like Tom

juggling, good fun and a great skill for performing

To make a dog, first blow up the balloon like this.

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