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The show that's fun for everyone!
clown Stuttgart slapstick
shows + walk-around

are a real attraction providing a fantastic atmosphere for up to hundreds of people. Each show is a mixture of juggling, unicycling, magic, balloons, gags and improvisation with the emphasis on bringing the people to laugh through silent comedy and slapstick. Tom relys on provocative yet respectful humor, instigating situations where he rather than the audience are the ones who end up looking silly. His flexibility as an artist is shown by his ability to match his show to virtually any audience getting adults to laugh as much as children.

Tom's clown show is perfect for festivals where he can repeat it multiple times for an ever changing audience. For business events, weddings and other events where it is basically always the same audience it is optimal to do one show possibly in combination with his walk-around entertainment aka strolling-act.

Walk-around/walk-act entertainment is ideal for greeting guests, later between tables as people eat or wherever the space or public is too small for a big show. Tom does not usually present different characters but always a version of a clown. Unlike some walking-acts, he doesn't shock or scare people with monsters or aliens as his emphasis is always on humor. While greeting guests he often acts like a clown-security guard checking out what the people bring in and posing the funny security questions so people are always in the mood for a party. He strolls between the tables and has many gags about the subject of food - dressed as a clown-cook where appropriate. Otherwise he is just the normal happy clown with his bags of props to improvise with every situation.

Especially if there are children on an event, he can bring his cute rubber clown-piglet Fred who can break the ice with even the shy children and get them interacting and laughing. For many events like open-houses where there are a constant stream of people but never many at one time, Tom can also do balloon-twisiting. Funny hats, flowers, different animals - whatever a person wishes, Tom will make it with a joke so that it is entertaining instead of just another object given out. No kids, no problem. Tom fits his entertainment to the appropriate level of every event.

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Christmas entertainment
Car dealer entertainment
Walk-around entertainment
Balloon twisting or balloon modeling
Workshops: juggling, clowning, street performance
Outdoor street or festival shows
convention - trade show/trade fair entertainment

entertainment for:

festivals, openings, conventions, galas, incentives,

anniversaries, partys, weddings, birthdays, graduations,

business meetings, marketing events, street markets, promotions,

sports events, confirmations, baptisms, presentations, fairs,

anniversaries or any special occasion...

...shows, walk-around/walk-act,
balloon modeling...
  • with or without a stage  

  • with or without sound system

  • no special lighting normally required

  • show length 10-60 min

  • daily up to 4 shows (20-30 min)
    or 8 hours walk-around entertainment (with breaks)
    or combine show(s) with walk-around

  • minimum 4 square meters, ideal: 10+ m²  

  • minimum 2,5 meters height, ideal: 3,5+ m

  • good general lighting, if lights are questionable, let me know BEFOREHAND so I can bring an extra lamp


who are tom´s customers and what do they think about his shows ?

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