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Clown Tom Bolton can be booked for conventions, trade shows, trade fairs, product presentation or corporate events. Tom entertains and draws attention to your display at your stand or can provide walk-around entertainment throughout the event location.

The following photos were made at the "Idea Park" trade fair in Stuttgart, Germany in May 2008.

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Theme relevant improvisation combined with short shows when appropriate, Tom amuses the public so the sales personel can do their job in a positive atmosphere. He keeps the laughter flowing with his easy-going situation-comedy so your event can be fun yet productive.

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Tom welcomes the guests whether they are local residents or experts visiting from far far away. The results are out of this world!

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With a eye to the future for your business, Tom really draws attention to your display so your don't get overlooked in the crowd.

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You pride yourself on your innovative product or services, so dare to showcase your display with Tom's unique style of humor.

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Energize your business growth with the power of laughter.

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Clown Tom Bolton creates real laughter without the need of face-paint, big-shoes or special effects, short: pure fun! Contact him for your next convention, trade show, trade fair, product promotion or any type of business or corporate event.

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