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Clown Tom Bolton can be booked for walk-around entertainment as well as shows. Especially for markets, shopping centers, department stores or places where there is not enough space for a big show, Tom's walk-around entertains people individually or in small groups with lots of small props, jokes and gags.

With a small bag or his new crazy baby-carriage he improvises with every situation including greeting guests as they arrive with his clown-security check and/or later moving between the tables. While eating, guest don't normally have the attention for a show but enjoy Tom's many jokes about food and drink.

For the Christmas season Tom has his new "Santa Clown" program. He dresses in a Santa costume and does walk-act entertainment with his baby-carriage which is decorated in a Christmas motif. Available is a more traditional Santa costume or the crazy clown version. For more details click the "Christmas party entertainment" link towards the bottom of this page.

Another place Tom often presents his walk-around entertainment and shorts shows are at conventions and tradefairs. For more details click the "convention - trade fair - trade show entertainment" link towards the bottom of this page.

clown walk-around
Tom doing walk-around with bag

entertainment walking-act
Proud crazy papa strolling the baby.

Santa Clown for the Christmas events.

walkact entertainment
Tom greeting guest with clown security check.

Messieur, zee French platter? Zee frog-legs are fresh!

Yup, we have real American McDonalds. Big-big-big-Mac?

Clown Tom Bolton creates real laughter without the need of face-paint, big-shoes or special effects, short: pure fun!
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